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She4She is an association of migrant women living in Hungary.



She4She is an association of migrant women living in Hungary. We act together for gender equality and for the rights of all women without discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religion, belief, or any other category. We aim to develop women’s skills and represent migrant women in the widest possible circle. She4She is also a space for women to spend time together, learn from each other, and build supportive friendships.


We are represented by one of our members in the European Network of Migrant Women and support solidarity among migrant women.


Our mission is to represent migrant women living in Hungary in the widest possible circle, to formulate and articulate their shared interests, and to represent those before third parties as well as the state and members of society.


We stand up for the rights of all women without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, and belief, origin, racial discrimination, or any other differentiation, to act together for the practical implementation of gender equality.


Mary Mozafary


I was born in Kabul Afghanistan and now am living in Hungary as a Hungarian citizen, with a refugee background. I received my BA degree in law and political science from Kabul University, and a Certificate in Management and Leadership for Women Officials of Administrative Staff College of India.

As a refugee-activist based in Hungary, I have diverse experience working with national and international nonprofit organizations and causes namely dealing with peace-building, refugee integration, and education special focus on women's rights. I have been involved with working with national and international organizations aiming to advocate for refugee resettlement and engagement of refugees in Europe, and women's movement in particular.


We have initiated the women's group She4She to strive to mainstream the unheard voices of migrant and refugee women living across Hungary and Europe. The movement also helps newcomer refugee women lift their spirits and build self-confidence.


Daru Anita

Vice President

I am a teacher of English, Hungarian and Russian languages. I have been teaching for 32 years. In my job besides teaching, I am determined to find and create opportunities for my students 

to take part in different social activities.


I volunteered in teaching Hungarian for foreigners and migrants with the Next Step Association for 3 years. I also took part in different projects with migrants and gained experience in the field.


With She4She I hope to organize and innovate programs for women from all walks of life as well as create a network that brings both Hungarian and migrant females together. Our association will encourage people to communicate about their life. In addition, our platform will improve sensitivity towards each other. In my position as vice president of the organization I am committed to do my best for our society and represent its values.

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Julieta NagyNavarro 

Vice President

I am originally from Mexico. Early in my life and thanks to my parents I traveled and learned about other peoples and cultures. 

I am an artist: Graphic Designer and Sculptor. I’m also a language teacher and yoga instructor. I’ve lived and studied in various countries (Belgium, Japan, and Hungary, etc). In Budapest, I studied for a Master in Gender Studies. I’m a feminist interested in advocacy, human rights, environmental rights, etc. 


Due to my health, I started learning about my body as an important part of myself through yoga and the Alexander Technique. After years of practice, I became a certified yoga instructor in 2012.


In She4She I’d like to share some of my skills and knowledge. We, women, have many resources not valued by “society”, so we ourselves do not consider them important; learning to make use of them we can improve our lives.



Radwa AlNazer

Board Member

I am a Syrian and a resident of Budapest.

 I graduated from the university in the Department of Psychology. I am married and have a child. I worked for several years as a teacher and volunteered with several humanitarian organizations.


My hobby is arts (drawing and crafts) and because of my great passion for art, I looked for something that combines my studies and my hobby and found art therapy. I have used it with children through teaching and workshops and it was a successful, useful and enjoyable method at she4she. 


We will offer workshops for the ladies and maybe for children later.  We will go at a time that makes life more beautiful and gives us strength and energy to adapt. If you are looking for a special time that gives you some calm and comfort, this is the right thing for you -- art therapy


Mawlod Layla Shaker 

Board Member

I am from Baghdad, Iraq. I have a BA in Turkish language literature from the college of arts at the University of Baghdad. I am married and have two kids and I spend most of my time taking care of them.


We arrived in Hungary in 2007 but only became refugees in 2014. I come from a country that is one of the most diverse countries in the world and until 2003 we were living in harmony, and I still believe in diversity. I had to leave because of the sectarian violence that followed the occupation. I know how refugees feel because of being  forced to leave their homes and belongings and life behind -- and especially women how women feel. Starting a new life is not an easy thing and having someone around to take your hand and make you feel that you are not alone makes all the difference. This is why I am a member of She4she. 


I have taken some courses in web design and front end development, and worked as a website administrator for a news website. My hobbies include walking, traveling, shopping, and cooking  My interests include charity work, and helping others.


Linda Carranza

My family comes from Costa Rica and migrated to the United States, where I was born. Then I came to live in Hungary in 2003.


I am an activist and advocate for human rights and social justice, and I have worked in the US and Hungary in NGOs and grassroots organizations fighting discrimination and promoting social change. My husband and I also established an informal human rights learning and discussion program in our home, inviting speakers and viewing documentary films on human rights issues.


In addition to a law degree, I also have degrees in languages and area studies, and I love learning and teaching languages. I have some experience in web development, and I have a strong interest in how technology can be used to help solve social problems. I enjoy practicing yoga for physical and mental health, and in my free time, you will often find me reading books or buying more books.


Sarah Anulika 

I am from Nigeria, I had my nursery, primary, secondary, and university in Nigeria. I got my first degree in Library and Information science at FEDPONEK Nigeria and I had some teaching experience after my first degree. I taught English language in a secondary school before coming to Budapest to study. Now I live in Budapest Hungary and I am studying social work and also practicing my social work.


I have taken some courses such as European Computer Driving License (ECDL) and Microsoft Excel at Next Step Association. My hobbies include traveling, watching movies,  basketball, football, walking, cooking, shopping, and hiking. My interests include charity work, helping others, and volunteer work. I also like learning new ideas, experiencing new things, and in my free time I do sports, or participate in yoga and meeting friends.

samira 1.jpg

Samira Sinai

I am 50 years old and born as a Hungarian-Iranian girl in Tehran, Iran. I went to a German-Iranian school and I have a BA in stage and costume design from the University of Tehran. 


I have worked as an actor, stage designer, director and assistant in different theatre, film and series. I also began to teach German as a private teacher when I was 17. Then I taught in the German Institute of Tehran for 10 years. My theatre works are mostly about women. 


Now I am a mother of a 16-year-old girl and a foster mother of a 15-year-old boy. And the theme of the woman is still an important issue for me. I worked with and for refugees in SOS Children's Village and Menedek. I like to teach using drama tools.


I am working now with Nyitottkör in a project named “Migreat”. It is an international project about narratives and migrants. Now in She4She I would like to restart our playback theatre group, "Our common home: the stage".


Adhitiani Suzanthi

I am from Indonesia. I have a degree in Economics and worked in a governmental finance institution before moving to Budapest with my Hungarian husband in 2010.  I am currently studying programming to become a software engineer.


While looking for activities and a community in my early years in Hungary, I got involved with several NGOs as a participant in their programs and eventually a volunteer for them. Now I teach coding for kids in the Next Step Association.


Being involved in organisations was not something new for me, as in Indonesia I used to be a member of girls' scouts, student bodies, youth groups and other communities.


As somebody who started out as a participant and then became a volunteer for NGOs because I received a lot of benefits from them and I want to give back to the communities, I believe that She4She will be beneficial for its participants especially for women.

“I Want Every Girl to Know That Her Voice Can Change the World” - Malala Yousafzai.

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