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with Julieta

I am a Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor of Hatha yoga. I believe Yoga is for everybody and I’ve learned to adapt yoga postures for people with different ranges of mobility and flexibility.


Yoga came into my life around 2002 when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome just after moving to Budapest. My general health was poor and medical treatments failed to provide any long-lasting relief. This affected my mood making me feel confused, desperate, and disappointed. All these, exacerbated by the fact of having left home and adapting to a new life.

The benefits I felt soon after beginning to practice motivated me to keep yoga as a regular activity. Due to its focus on the deep interconnections among our feelings, thoughts, and body, yoga became essential in my healing process.


In 2005 I started learning the Alexander Technique which also stresses the unity of the Self, and constant awareness to inhibit learned negative habits/reactions -that cause tensions- to let our natural pose achieve itself.

Yoga and the Alexander Technique share several principles: focussing on honesty and awareness within ourselves to avoid and release tensions, attention to the process rather than the end, the general well-being of the Self, and so on. I guess my teaching style has also been influenced by this.


In September 2012,  I graduated from the Teacher’s Training Course by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and started teaching soon after. Since then I’ve had the joy of meeting many students who, after regular practice, have experienced positive changes.


Yoga could be especially beneficial for migrant women. Just the fact of having to navigate in a “different world” can be really challenging sometimes, adding extra stress to our daily lives. Therefore, I invite you to try it and make it part of your life too!

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with Radwa

At a time when some are afraid to talk about what is going on in their minds and feel unable to communicate with their surroundings ... and they may even find it difficult to tell a specialist ... Psychological treatment with art comes to pat their hearts without words or pressure .. to work directly with their insides and their emotions, so it comes out through painting ... artistic pieces .. constructive creativity .. poetry ... scene acting .. games ... stories... Through art, words flow that do not need much ornate vocabulary ... and through them the person sees his or her being and deals with his or her soul ...

Have you ever tried art? What did you gain? You may ask yourself what is this method of treatment and how will I benefit from it. It is no secret for many who practiced any kind of art that it is effective in releasing negative emotions and reducing stress ... that's a plus.


We increase self-confidence after completing every work if we do it creatively ... or if we have an opportunity to discover a hidden talent ... Thus we are discovering ourselves and appreciating them .. And in the end, art therapy with its correct standards is now able to diagnose some mental disorders as well as strengthen the immune system of people with various diseases .. It is very important to know that art therapy is an adjunct treatment in the psychotherapy process.



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“Investing in women means investing in the people who invest in everyone else.” - Melinda Gates

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