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Art Therapy Workshop For Women

She4She on July 15th 2021 held an art therapy workshop for women in Közkincs Könyvtár, Budapest. The session was led by Radwa, a psychology graduate and experienced instructor in art therapy.

In the session, the women could express themselves freely and released the stress trough drawing and sharing with other women. As what Radwa wrote: I thought that we would need an hour or a little more to do a simple session with the women, but the session lasted for more than two hours and we did not finish... We talked about our dreams and our fears... We were trying to discover ourselves better.. Some of us did not understand each other's language, but we were able to communicate. The language of the pen and colors speaks... the language of the eyes... empathy... the things are very much in common..when the session was over we had a constant passion for change and to live positively... and there were many things that were not completed... but we will return in other sessions... soon.

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