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Art workshop for kids!

Summer has finally arrived! School is over and it is time for fun and games

She4she association organized it's newest free workshop specifically for the little ones done by our dear board member Radwa Al Nazer psychology graduate and teacher who previously has held art therapy for adults with great success!

We presented to you an Art workshop for kids!

After a long period of online school, exams, and all the stress that comes with it is important to talk with our little ones about their feelings and their impressions of these complicated, historical times we live in.

Our goal was to make our young participants unleash their creative sides through art as well as to help them release the tension and stress after the school exams while exploring and getting to know the rich and colorful inner world and emotions of our little ones!

Kids learned:

-how to draw their favorite cartoon characters

-to do art therapy and exercises to identify feelings and help to figure out what kids want? Who they are? How can they become better?

-In the quilling session, kids will learn how to make their names or any sentence, as well as different flowers with paper art

-mandalas which will be a great way to help children focus well and relieve stress

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